How to Find There is no Need of Car Service

I am first thankful to my Car Mechanic who saved my RS. 900+ from car service because there is no need of it now. Second, I am again thankful to my Car Mechanic who have given me great knowledge which I am sharing here at I am lover of knowledge youtube channel. He told me when there chiknai in oil in car, there is no need of car service. Just open oil gage on car. Take some oil in hand and check its chiknai, if yes, still oil is in good condition. No need of car service. Save money for other projects

How to Gear Shift in Car

If  you want to get training about to gear shift in car easily without confusion, this video is for you. In this video, we have taught

1. Practice makes man perfect. So, without starting do daily practice of gear shift and your mind will accept where is first gear and where is third gear and where is fifth gear

2. Practice also to shift gear daily in rough ground and it will give you better shift gear skill in you.

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