How to make saag

If you want to make sag, we are here to teach you.

Following are its simple Steps

1st Step : Collect the Raw Material

1. 1/2 Kgs Sag whether it is serso, cholia or palak

2. Ek pyaj

3. One spoon of salt

4. One spoon garam masala

5. Two spoon oil

6. Two cup water

2nd Step : Heat the 2 cup water on Gas and cut the sag and add it and boil it for 5 minutes

We boil first saag seperate from tarka.

3rd Step : Make the Tarka

Add oil in crayi
Add cata hua pyaj, lehsun and tamator and adrak
Fry it for 2 to 3 minutes

Now add the boil sag in it and heat it for 5 to 10 minutes.

Your sag is ready. Start to eat with your chapati. 

How to milk the Goat

To milk the goat is a fun way experience if you know the process. But if you don't the process, it will difficult for you to milk the goat. 

Follow are the Simple steps

1st Step : Clean Room of Goat

It is your duty to clean first room where you want to milk the goat.

2nd Step : Clean Your Hand and Clean the Udder or Breast of Goat 

It is very necessary if you want to milk the goat. You can use soup for cleaning your hand. you can take cotton clothes for clean the udder of goat. 

3rd Step : Give Some Chokar Feed

In the morning time, goat loves to eat chokar feed. Give her and she will busy to his goal and you will target your goal to withdraw milk from her udder. 

4th Step :  Take big jug and capture it with two legs.

Just search your kitchen and get a big jug and capture it with two legs and milk the goat.

5th Step : Pumping the Udder. 

You have seen old doctor bp checker. Doctor will pump. Like this, you have to pump the udder. Press Full breast of goat. One by one keeping between finger and thumb. If you will not pump full, milk will not come. 

6th Step : Open Finger and Close Finger Smoothly

Open fingers of your hand and again press the breast of goat.

7th Step : Control the Kids of Goat

Control the kids of goat with pata + rope and keep far free breast of goat. They have burning desire to drink the milk of goat. If they drink, you will be helpless. So, make the balance. One time milk the goat and second time give goat kids to milk the goat.

Most Important : Give green leaves more and more for more milk

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